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Membership requirements

Parents and Friends Toastmasters Club is for those who are currently raising children or anyone who is interested in issues surrounding childcare.

1. You need to be 18 years old in order to join any Toastmasters Club.

We welcome anyone who is above 18 years old and is supportive of the objectives of our Club, with or without children. One of the characteristics of Parents and Friends Toastmasters Club is that we welcome participation of children during our online meetings. Therefore, sometimes you may hear some children shouting or chatting over the video conference tool. If you cannot put up with such an environment then you may want to visit other Toastmasters Clubs which normally do not allow children in. 

As for languages of each meeting, we hold English meetings and Japanese meetings alternately. You can join only English meetings, Japanese meetings or both. So if you do not totally understand Japanese you can still enjoy our monthly English meetings. 

2. You can declare your membership if you visit our meetings twice or more.

3. We ask you to prepare a device to use a video conference tool such as Zoom, and can show up on video with your real name. We will also ask you to provide a mail address for general contact purpose. 

Members of Toastmasters Clubs need to register their names and mail addresses in order to use Toastmasters International's educational program. We also need your mail address to make urgent communications, inform you of Zoom URLs and so on. We sincerely ask everyone to show up on video with real names when attending meetings in order to ensure the reliability of our Club, which is part of an international educational organization.

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