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Sample meeting agenda

This is a sample agenda of the regular meetings of our Club. Other than regular meetings we also have other events such as speech contests and workshops. 
For glossary, please refer to the meeting roles explained page.

9:30   Call to order

            Guest introduction and business announcements

    Educational session for children (outside Toastmasters program)

9:45   Toastmasters meeting call to order
    New member induction ceremony

9:55   Toastmaster of the morning
    Helper roles introduction
    Word of the Morning/Timer/Vote counter/Grammarian
    /Ah counter/Blog editor
10:00 Prepared speeches
    Speaker #1
    Speaker #2

10:18 Break

10:23   Table Topics session (TT)
10:40   Evaluation session
    Evaluator for Speaker #1    

    Evaluator for Speaker #2

10:50 Reports from Grammarian and Ah Counter
    General Evaluation
10:57 Announcement of award winners
    (Best speaker, Best evaluator,  Best Table Topics speaker)
11:00 Comments from guests / business session
11:10 Adjournment

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