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For those who visited our meetings

Q. I would like to visit your meeting again but long time has passed since my first visit. Do you still accept me as a guest?
A. Please do not worry. Some members visited our Club for the second time months after their first visit. 

Q. I visited your meeting, but the speech level is so high that I am not sure if I can catch up.
A. Again, please do not worry. Many new members felt nervous about joining us to some extent. What is imporant about public speaking is that, to reach certain level we need experience and practice, not talent. Of course you can see some natural public speakers on TV for example, but many good speakers do practice, practice and practice. Our Club provide a safe place where you can practice and experience speaking in front of public as many times as you want.

If you still feel nervous, you can visit us for the second time; you will have clearer understanding of our meeting procedure and atmosphere, which may help you make your decision.

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