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How to join us

Below is the process for joining our Club as a new member.

1. Please read our membership requirements, and visit us as a guest.

You can visit us up to three times (for non-Toastmasters). During your visit, please find if our Club is the right place for you. If you think it is, at your second or third visit can declare your membership at the end of the meeting, when guests are asked to make some comments ("I would like to be a member of this Club"). You can visit only English meetings, Japanese meetings, or both.

If you cannot decide whether to become a member right after the meeting or if you leave a meeting early, you can write to us saying that you would like to be a member by e-mail. 

2. After declaring your willingness to join, we will conduct a brief interview by e-mail.

We will ask you about what made you decide to join, your brief background such as your occupation and hobbies through e-mails. This is for getting members to know each other better and not a pass-or-fail examination. So please do not be nervous, and you can provide us with only the information you feel comfortable to share.

3. We will conduct an induction ceremony.

Following the rules of Toastmasters worldwide, we will conduct an induction ceremony after approving your membership through a majority vote. This is to avoid people with unwelcome intent other than educational purpose, such as selling their products or collecting personal information, so your commnication level and language skills do not matter for the vote.

Are you interested? Seeing is believing, so how about visiting our online meeting? We welcome you from anywhere around the world!

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