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About our Club

Parents and Friends Toastmasters Club (PFTMC) is a new Toastmasters Club which holds meetings online only.

We hold meetings every 1st and 3rd Sundays, from 9:30-11:30AM at Japan time (UTC+9, or JST).

Features of our Club:
1. We are an online only Toastmasters Club which specifically targets parents raising children, their families and those who are interested in topics surrounding childcare.

2. We hold meetings on Sunday mornings so that parents from many countries can participate in them conveniently; For those living in East and Southeast Asia, they are held on early Sunday mornings whereas the time is Saturday evening to night in North America.

3. Your children are welcome to show up at our meetings! Having them play around you is also fine. Unlike most other Toastmasters Clubs which only target adults, voices of children are part of natural sound in our meetings. If they wish they can even have a non-Toastmasters session to speak up in front of the online audience.

4. Just like other Toastmasters Clubs, we value learning in moments of enjoyment. After each meeting we hold casual chat time so that members can know each other better. 

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